Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you include cost of theme in your starter package?

There are thousands of themes available in the market costing a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. If we do include a cost then we usually need to average out our price and is a loss to the end client. Hence, based on your requirement we could help you select a theme for your business and you pay the theme company directly and receive any theme related support from them without depending on CMSNext.

Why don’t you include the cost of domain and hosting?

Many users already have domain and hosting plans. If you don’t have one, you could easily get one. Domain cost is fixed based on the extension selected and hosting packages are available based on your anticipated traffic and requirement. We can definitely help you chose a plan.

Does the starter package include logo or custom theme designing?

No, you need to pay separately for that. Kindly request a quote and we shall be free to provide you with a quote based on your requirement.

Can you set up the theme and add all the content for me?

Yes, we can definitely do that at an extra cost. Kindly request a quote.

Are there any hidden costs other than the published $49 for the starter package?

No, for the solution mentioned above the pricing stands. But if you require any additional customization, help or custom theme developed, we shall provide you a quote before hand. No surprises later!

The $49 price is the price we should get. Any other charges charged by Paypal, Skrill or your Bank/Credit Card company are extra.

How do I pay? And what is the turnaround time?

Kindly select your requirement in Request a Quote. We shall contact you within 24 hours and once the job is accepted we shall send you an invoice via Paypal or Skrill requesting payment. Once the payment is processed we shall complete the installation within 24-48 hours.

Since when have you been in the business and which business verticals have you worked in?

We have been in business since 2000 and have worked on website development, customization and installation for verticals like Hotels, Tours & Travels, Photography, Design Studios, Attorneys, Charity, Food and Beverage, Home Solutions, Personal Blogs and so on. We have worked on a wide range of technologies.

Why don’t I see a portfolio / client list on your site?

That’s a business decision we have made. We love to show off our work, but don’t. Why? Because we do all work on a white-label basis. That means we never put up your site in any portfolios or use your site to get more business. But we definitely like word of mouth publicity. If you like our work do let your family and friends know and all of our business since 2000 has been by word of mouth.