Theme Customization Solutions

CMSNext offers various types of theme customization solutions to its clients. There are hundreds of theme clubs and theme developers who provide themes for your website. But all these themes are general in nature with a wide market focus. These themes can act as a starting point for your website.

Why should you chose a ready made theme compared to a custom development?

Good Query. First and foremost, for faster development and completion. There are multiple styles available along with a wide range of themes to chose from. Hence, many times by looking at various themes you get an idea of how your site should look like and a theme would almost fit your business requirement. Hence, once the theme is chosen, it could be customized further.

Secondly, for keeping costs low. Most of the themes available from most developers cost anywhere from less than a dollar to a few hundred dollars.

We could even help you choosing a theme for your site based on your business requirements and color preferences. Kindly contact us with details.

How do you come in to picture? Why should I need your help to customize the theme rather than do it myself?

Well, its purely on preference. Many themes do have a great deal of customization options via custom panels while some would need digging into the codes to make the changes. If you are comfortable and do have the time to experiment with it, you could definitely give it a try.

As we do this on a regular basis, we are comfortable with how themes work and can complete the work within a shorter duration and this helps you keep focus on your core business area.

Further, our theme customization rates start at just USD9 per hour so do drop in a line before you begin a project elsewhere.